Since I was a young child I loved languages and always wanted to become a teacher. My first language is Spanish, which I love, but also as a child I began studying English. When I grew older I became a Primary teacher and started my career teaching English.
Since Spanish is my native language I desired to study it deeper. This resulted in me teaching Spanish. I have taught Spanish for 8 years. I have taught many other nationalities including Chinese, English, French and speaking people from around the world.
Places I taught:
•“El Sol Spanish School” where I taught for over 5 years. 
•“Volunteer abroad” a Canadian Company in which I have unforgettable experiences with Canadians. 
•ANTAMINA, mining company,  
•SINOCHEM: Emerald Energy, Chinese Company.
•MWH  Global, an Environmental engineering Company,  I am currently teaching the staff of  this company.
. Universidad Catolica del Perú” where I am also currently teaching to Chinese professors in Perú
•Degree in Education: Majoring in Primary Education “Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón” (2001)            
•License in Primary Education: “Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón” (2004) 

•Spanish teacher: International Diploma in “Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and as a Second Language”. Cervantes Institute Spain (2006).
Ricardo Palma University (2006)

Teléfono: 997450020

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